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Art and Craft of Rajasthan – Imperial Grace of Artistry

Century old skill and imperial heritage of Rajasthan are all that make traditional art and craft of Rajasthan a world famous attraction. The beautifully carved jewellery and dazzling traditional garments allure people of different region of the world to make a visit to Rajasthan.
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Arts and Crafts of Rajasthan
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Art and Craft Synopses
A unique range of art and crafts of Rajasthan have been captivating the heart of entire world for many decades.
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Be it the exquisite artistry of murals or paintings or wood craft or the beaming of multi-colured tie and dye garments, the royalty of Rajasthan is present in every aspect of its art and craft.

Imperial Artistry That Fascinate
Rajasthan is a home to astounding varieties of traditional arts and cultural crafts. It is a place, where tourists can find century old skills, which continues to produce some of the best artistic and exciting wares in the brilliant soil of Rajasthan. This beautifully accomplished art and crafts are admired and preserved not only by the localities of the region, but also a popular attraction for international visitors around the globe. Today, Rajasthan has earned a immense popularity, due to its rich handicrafts, which is also a striking part of the Rajasthan culture. If you are interested to buy some of these unique artifacts, than do not miss the opportunity to try the bustling bazaars, fairs & festivals in the glittering soil of Rajasthan.

You know about 10% of the population of Rajasthan are employed in the textile industry, and textiles are the state's main export. The pink city's textiles, arts and crafts are covered in prize-winning Jaipur : the Last Destination, by Aman Nath.
Notable Rajasthani Art and Crafts !!!
The beaming soil of Rajasthan is much popularly known as the Shopper’s Paradise, for most of the anxious visitors. In some of the famous cities of royal Rajasthan, enthusiastic tourists can pick the Tie-and-dye fabrics in vibrant colours, as different methods are used to tie the fabric into bright colours producing different patterns like Lahariya, Mothda, Ekdali and Shikari. The women of Rajasthan have mastered the art of embroidering fabrics. In applique, different pieces of cloth are patched together to make a multi-coloured mosaic, which is adored with exotic colours, shapes and patterns. Other famous handicrafts comprise of fine block printed textiles and skills, wood and ivory carvings, lacquer and filigree work, Delicately cut precious stones, and exquisite enameled jewelleries. You can also spot traditional paintings & murals in the fetching cities of Rajasthan.

The Art and Craft Hubs of Rajasthan !!!
Nearly 40 km in the north of Udaipur, you can look for Rajasthan’s Terracotta, which is continuously practice almost in all the villages near Udaipur and was once linked with the civilization of the Indus. Here you can get beyond the utility items like pots and pitchers, notable are the votive images and plaques of deities particularly from Molela. Moving on to Jaipur, you can look for thriving Blue Pottery, dates back to the 16th century, when the influences of China Man Singh I of Amber through his contacts with the Mughal rulers of Delhi. Among the textiles, it is the women’s tie-and-dye odhnis and the block printed Dresses that are the most distinct and these techniques are now put to use in modern garments, bed-spreads and table-cloths.
Before the introduction of synthetic dyes, all colors were derived from natural sources such as vegetables, minerals and even insects. Yelow was derived from turmeric and buttermilk, green from banana leaves, orange from saffron and jasmine, black from iron rust, blue form the indigo plant, red from sugar cane and sunflowers, and purple from the kermes insects. Colours like browns, blues and greens were considered fast colours whereas yellows, oranges and pinks were generally fleeting colours.
Even the famous and fine weave of the Kota-doria sarees of Udaipur and Jaipur, is much demanded fabric amongst the international tourists at the time of approaching summers. Gold and silver khari printing, ajrakh, appliqued and embroidered textiles, abound in the much travelled cities of Rajasthan. Even the carpet and durrie industry has been revitalised to suit the tastes of modern buyers.

However, if you are a unique jewellry lover, than Jaipur is the renowned city to pick the antique meenakari work, coloured glasses, and gleaming silver. In Jaipur you can also look for Leather-ware, particularly the famous and popular embroidered jooties. Today even the designer hand-bags with graphic embroideries make a good buy. Whereas, wood, metal and Stone are used by today’s craft persons to create decorative and utility items that shoppers often find irresistible. Even the Rajasthan paintings, which are world renowned is easily available at the well-known schools of painting like Marwar, Hadoti, Kishangarh, Mewar, Dhundhar and Alwar. Here the visitors can get the finest quality of miniature paintings, that continue to be fabricated in Rajasthan. You will be amazed with the beautiful combination of colours, which is done on both paper as well as on cloth and the different regions maintain their own style, known as different schools of paintings. Rajasthan is also known for its traditional art. The block prints, tie and die prints, Bagaru prints, Sanganer prints, Zari embroidery are some of the major export products from Rajasthan.
Splendours of Regal Art and Craft.

Rajasthan perhaps more than any other State in India, is a treasure trove for the traditional art lovers.
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For centuries old skills in the traditional crafts continue to produce some of the most exciting wares in the world. Tie-and-dye fabrics in vibrant colours, fine block printed textiles, wood and ivory carving, tattoos, lacquer and filigree work, delicately cut precious stones and exquisite enameled jewellery are some examples of the Rajasthan artistry.

The oldest existing specimen of meenakari (enamel work) is the Jaipur Staff. It is 132 cm long and consist of 33 segments of gold, featuring exquisite enamel work portraying floral and animal designs. The handle of the staff is solid jade. The maharaja Man Singh -1, bore this staff with him to Delhi when he was summoned to the royal court by Emperor Akbar.
Top on the World Chart - Rajasathan Handicraft

Hand-block Prints : Hued in the vegetable colours, the floral beauty of hand-blocks prints are of world wide fame.
Lacquer and Filigree Work : Lacquer and filigree work of Lac jewellery and bangles much famous in all over India.
Meenakari Work :Gold and silver jewellery look stunning when some colour is added to it.
Mehandi : Rajasthani Mehandi decoration, once dominated the fashion market of the world in the late 1990s.
Tie and Dye Work : These multi-hued dazzling clothes have been captivating the heart of the entire world for centuries.
Terracotta Tradition : Exquisite miniature effigies are still keeping the age-old heritage of terracotta tradition alive.
Puppet Art : Puppets made of wood and cotton is the finest art of Rajasthan.
Jaipur Marbles : Excellent artifacts made of Jaipur marbles are famous world wide.
Miniature Paintings : Spectacular miniature paintings of Rajasthan are renowned world over.
Embroidery : Deft needlework studded with mirror in bright colours is the specialty of Rajasthani embroidery.
Shekhawati Paintings : Shekhawati is famous for its bright wall painting making it a popular tourist destination.
Tattoo : The typical art of permanent designs on body.
Turbans : The shape and size of Rajasthan turbans are a great indicator of person position in the society.

Rajasthan’s Terracotta tradition that was linked with the civilization of the Indus continues is still alive in almost every Village. Beyond the utility items like pots and pitchers, notable are the votive images and plaques of deities particularly from Molela (40 km north of Udaipur).

Do You Know
Jaipur's unique blue pottery isn't formed from clay, but from a paste made from crushed quartz. Of all the arts of Rajasthan, pottery has the longest lineage, with fragments of pottery recovered from Kalibangan dating from the Harappan era around 2500 BC.
The thriving Blue Pottery of Jaipur dates back to the 16th century when the influences of China Man Singh I of Amber through his contacts with the Mughal rulers of Delhi.

Among the textiles, it is the women’s tie-and-dye odhnis (scarf) and the block printed Dresses that are the most distinct. These techniques are now put to use in modern garments, bed-sheets and table-cloths.

The fine weave of the Kota-Doria sarees are sought all over the India for summer wear. Gold and silver khari printing, ajrakh, appliqued and embroidered textiles, also abound in Rajasthan.

Of late, Rajasthani’s carpet and durrie industry has been revitalized to suit the tastes of modern buyers and are finding new uses as upholstery and bed-spreads.

Do You Know
Gold is thought to purify all it touches, and is not usually worn on the feet as it is considered a pure metal, the other perception carries that Gold jewelry might bring bad luck if worn on the feet.
The craftsmanship of jewellers and other skills of Rajasthan are renowned particularly Jaipur’s meenakari, a process of coloured glass. Silver is more commonly worn and worked upon and certainly more affordable for gift shoppers.

Leather-ware, particularly jooties with embroidered uppers are famous and popular. Today even designer hand-bags with graphic embroideries make a good buy. Wood, metal and Stone are used by today’s craft persons to create decorative and utility items that shoppers often find irresistible.

Miniature paintings of the finest quality continue to be executed in Rajasthan both on paper and on large pieces of cloth. Different regions maintain their own style, known as different schools of painting. Some well-known schools of painting are Marwar, Mewar, Hadoti, Kishangarh, Dhundhar and Alwar.

Shopper's Paradise : Rajasthan !!!
Rajasthan is known for its traditional Art and Crafts all over the world. Every year, millions of curious travellers converge to Rajasthan, just to purchase the unique range of art and crafts.
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Rajasthan is often recognize as the shopper's paradise, for its tie and die prints, block printing, embroidery and mirror work that has created a world-wide image of India in its overseas market. Bagaru prints, Sanganer prints, Meenakari work, Rajasthani Jooties, semi precious stones, Lacquer and filigree work, Murals and paintings, Kota-doria and lahriya sarees are some of the major export items from Rajasthan. Handicraft items like wooden furniture, carpets, blue potteries are some of the things you will easily find in Rajasthan bazaars.

In Jaipur mass carpets were fabricated under the tutorship of Persian weavers for the royal Durbar Halls. There is an exquisite collection of carpets both at the museum in the City Palace and at the Central Museum in Jaipur. Today there are around 62,000 weavers in Rajasthan, working away on around 33,000 looms.
Rajasthan Cities Famous For Art And Crafts !!!
Jaipur : If you are in Jaipur, then do not miss to visit the old and famous bazaars of the city like Bapu Bazaar, Nehru Bazaar, Tripolia bazaar, Khazane walon ka rasta, Johari Bazaar, where you can look for famous jewellery stores and semi precious stones. Jaipur, is famous for its Rajasthani Jooties, embroidered fabrics, saris, leather goods, furniture, hand-block prints, minute mirror work, printed carpets.

Udaipur : Whereas, Udaipur also has many shopping arcades, some of them are Bapu Bazaar, Khadi Gram Udyog , Kala Niketan, Clock Tower and Hathipol, from where you can get the famous ready mades textiles, jewelleries, local bheels images, Rajasthani jootis, wooden souvenirs, handicrafts, Rajasthan silver, block printed bedspreads and the popular lahriya and other saris.

Jodhpur : It is another interesting city for shopper's, from where you can pick matchless tie and dye saris, handicrafts, textiles, leather goods, embroidered shoes and utensils.

Shekhawati : If you have an eye for unique art and crafts, then Shekhawati would be a wonderful experience for you, here you can look for famous Shekhawati painting, murals, souvenirs, furniture, chairs, cradles, and tie-dye fabrics. Mukundgarh is known for beautiful textiles, brass and iron scissors whereas Mandawa for bangles and fabrics.

Did You Know
Wall Hangings made from pieces of old clothing, some with mirror work with intricately embroidered fabric - usually are popular buys. These hangings can range from small cushion-sized squares to bedspread-sized pieces fatching a price from a couple of hundred rupees up to several thousand. The best place to buy these handicraft items is Jaisalmer.
Bikaner : Bikaner is another renowned city for its exquisite crafts, leather goods, miniature paintings, and wooden products, made from camel and sheepskin. Some of the main shopping areas in Bikaner are Kot Gate, King Edward Memorial Road and Station Road, from where you can look for souvenirs and handcrafted items.

Jaisalmer : Jaisalmer is another preferred tourist city for Art and Crafts, there are scores of narrow lanes shops in its bustling markets, which still retain a medieval charm for daily wanderers. Once in Jaisalmer, you can look for embroidery, Rajasthani mirror work, rugs, blankets, antiques and old stonework, colorful handcrafted items, bandhini fabrics (tie and dye), puppets, Rajasthani joothies, woven jackets, camel leather items.

Mount Abu : And not to forget the one and only hill destination of Rajasthan 'Mount Abu', which is an enchanting hill resort for shopping, from here you can take back home the variety of Rajasthani handicrafts, Textiles, Jewellery, curios in wood, metal and marble. Some of the popular area for buying Art and crafts are Nakki Lake, Khadi Bhandar, Kashmir Cottage emporium, where you can look for fabrics, Kota saris, linen with Sanganeri prints, lightweight Jaipury quilt, metal, stone and wooden curios.
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