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Umaid Bhawan Hotel - Jodhpur !!!

Umaid Bhawan Hotel is perched high above the desert capital of Jodhpur. It is amongst one of the largest palatial accommodation in the world, set amidst 26 acres of lush green gardens. Hotels tastefully designed interiors and state of art facilities give you worldclass comfort.
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Legacy Of Rajputs !!!
The grandeur of Umaid Bhawan Palace is popularly known as Chittaur Hotel. It is on of the largest residential complex in the world, nestling on the Chittaur Hills in the south east direction of the blue City.
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This glittering Hotel serves all the modern facilities, amenities and level of comforts to tourists, that one would expect from a luxury class hotel. The interiors of the Hotel are very much eye soothing with the chromes, mirrors, paintings, murals and large balconies. This bewitching Hotel was build between 1929 and 1943 by 3000 skilled artisans, who created this magnificent edifice out of golden yellow sandstone. Its a must visit Hotel, once you are in Jodhpur.

Umaid Bhawan Hotel With A History !!!
The Umaid Bhawan Hotel was named after Maharajah Umaid Singhji, who was the grandfather of present Maharajah of Jodhpur. The settlement was laid in the early 20th century by Maharajah Umaid Singhji. It took 16 long years to complete this Hotel and nearly one crore twenty one lac rupees was invested.
Do you know, this grand piece of architecture was laid in the early 20th century by Maharajah Umaid Singhji, for which 3000 skilled artisan were employed and it took 16 long years to complete this exquisite work of architecture . You will be astonished to know, that the money invested to build this landmark on the face of Jodhpur was one crore twenty one lack rupees, quite a huge amount.
Today, it is one of the largest residential complex in the world, set amidst 26 acres of lush green belt. This beautiful Hotel is now converted into a luxury hotel, thus it has been divided into three categories, one is having five star hotel, one is the residence of Maharajah of Jodhpur and one has been opened for public view, where you can set your eyes on the antique museum gallery.

Palatial Accommodation !!!
At Umaid Bhawan Hotel, you will be amazed with the unparalleled experiences, that are offered by the hotel authorities. Once you are in the soil of Umaid Bhawan Hotel, which is one of the largest residential complex ever build in India will serve you none other than the king and queen of the Hotel. This charming Hotel, display a royal world and luxurious lifestyle. Here one can take the charm of luxurious suites like the Maharani Suite, Maharajah Suite, Regal Suite and the Deluxe Suite, which are well equipped with the extravagant amenities, showcases the real art decoration with the ambience of past.

Facilities and Services At Umaid Bhawan Hotel !!!
Taking the enchantment of ravishing rooms at Umaid Bhawan Hotel is none other than a home away from home. Every year thousands of visitors especially converge Jodhpur, just to taste the hospitality and catering of this important Hotel.
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It is a gateway to royal world and luxurious lifestyle, well equipped with all the modern facilities and great amenities. Each of its room and suite showcases the Art Deco style with a distinct ambience. It must be your staying option, if you are planning to tour Jodhpur.

Maharani Suite :The lavish Maharani Suite was once originally designed for Umaid Singh's Maharani. It is aptly dominated by a Norblin mural of the Goddess Kali, etched on shining black glass. All in pink, black, chrome and mirror, the suite includes spacious private drawing and dining rooms with an attached kitchenette and a large balcony with a spectacular view of the Hotel gardens and the Mehrangarh Fort.

Maharajah Suite : The Maharajah Suite was originally designed for the Maharajah of Jodhpur 'Umaid Singhji', located just across the crystal fountain courtyard, which exudes an earthy and masculine ambience. It bears the murals of leopards from Africa, tigers and horses, and even of the famed Jodhpur sport, pig-sticking by Norblin that are magnificently complemented by flaming torch lamps in chrome, plush Ruhlmann sofas in faux leopard skin and a delightful secret bar in the drawing room.

Do You Know
It is quite surprising to know that Umaid Bahwan Hotel did not use any mortar or cement to binding the stone, infact all the pieces are carved stones, which are joined together by interlocking system.
Regal Suites : The hotel's Regal Suites is well maintained and designed in Art Deco style, which was once reserved for the visiting royalties of Maharajah. Each suite is different, with subtle underlying themes of a popular colour and princely passion.

Deluxe Rooms : The glittering Deluxe Rooms are embellished with Art Deco interiors and is well equipped with the modern conveniences. These rooms meet the expectations of most of the modern traveller, by offering them a glimpse of royal era.

Umaid Bhawan Hotel Cuisines !!!
At stunning Umaid Bhawan Hotel, you can savour the best flavours of multi cuisines, including the local Rajasthani foods, which are best served out here. The hotel houses many restaurants and bar, which offers unique drinks and authentic foods like the Risala restaurant serves, continental and Indian dishes within its fine dinning, the Pillars restaurant offers, snacks and beverages with the delightful views of the Meherangarh fort and the Trophy Bar serves, a fine range of Indian and International wines with its innovative cocktails.

Food and Wine
Guest can luxuriate in the evenings or nights to savour the best selection of drinks, spirits, beverages and dining experiences. Discover the taste of local Rajasthani cuisine, which cannot be met elsewhere in India.

Recreational Facilities !!!
Ayurveda and Spa : Umaid Bhawan Hotel is one Hotel, where the guests can experience the ancient ayurveda and spa. The hotel provide wide variety of soothing and invigorating spa facilities, including the best kerala ayurveda massage.

Cultural Shows : The Umaid Bhawan Hotel regularly organise number of cultural shows for visitors, which are full of thrilling experiences for the newcomers, who wanted to indulge into various rural activities of the villagers like the unique performances of the Rajasthani dance, music and shows, which can not be seen else where in India.

Sightseeing Tours !!!
There are number of thrilling temptations around Umaid Bhawan Hotel, for which the hotel authorities regularly organise number of trips. Being a guest into the royal privilege of the Hotel, you can enjoy number of excursion from the hotel location. Interested tourists can ask the hotel administration to arrange for such pleasurable trips, which are highly taken care of.

Osiyan : It is one of the most popular ancient Thar Desert town, nestling 65 km in the north of Jodhpur.

Mandore : 9 km - you will see a dateless chhatri's of former rulers of Marwar, temples, sculptures of Krishna with Gopi's, and the painted figures of various Hindu deities.

Bishnoi Village : Bishnoi village is renowned for its conservationist philosophies and hold animals as a sacred, particularly the black buck. The village area is famous for its beautiful animals, here the tourists are allowed to spend time with black bucks and can feed them with milk and food.

Safaris Tour : The splendid Umaid Bhawan has hosted lots of visitors and dignitaries from all over the world, hordes of traveller's specially converge at Umaid Bahwan just to experience the sand dune safaris, sitting on the back of camels, horses and elephants are some spellbinding adventures. Even the village safaris to Bishnoi tribal homeland and Meherangarh Fort are organised here, one can select various safaris to travel for sightseeing.

Off - Treck
Do you know, Umaid Bhawan Palace has one of the largest and grandest palatial accommodation in the world. The hotel has also become enormously popular as a conference destination in Rajasthan for the business companies around the globe.
Other Facilities !!!
Conference Facilities : The magnificent Umaid Bhawan Hotel offers royal venues for holding meetings and conferences. Services offered by a energetic staff further enhances your businesses. There are four main venues area available within the Hotel for outstanding business meeting. The Marwar Hall, Chamber of Princess, Rathore Dubar and the Smoking Room are some best venues for your meetings.

Ceremonials Functions : Umaid Bhawan Hotel is a perfect venue to celebrate your grand weddings, parties, events and various other occasions. It is one Hotel, where you can please your guests with the regal ambience, culture and gracious hospitality of the Umaid Bhawan Hotel.

Center View of HotelFront View of Hotel PalaceInside Lobby ViewRoyal Palace ComplexMajestic View of Swimming PoolRoyal Guard at EntranceImperial Bathing SuiteLawns with Rows of Flowers Outside Swimming Pool Lavish Hotel Accommodation Deluxe Palace Suite