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Jaisalmer, the golden city of Rajasthan enjoys the glory of Jaisalmer Fort - a world renowned site. Travel to this desert town and experience the golden desert, mountain high sand dunes, magnificent Jain temple architecture, renowned havelis and above all the Jaisalmer desert lifestyle.
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Jaisalmer - The Golden Desert Saga !!!
The golden city of "Jaisalmer" lies deep in the heart of Thar Desert bordering Pakistan in the west of Rajasthan. This enthralling city has been labeled as the
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"Golden City" because of the honey colour that bestowed on its stone bastion by the posing sun. The Jaisalmer City portrays the picture of massive forts, romantic palaces, magnificent havelis and exquisite temples that bask in the glory of setting sun. Most importantly the vision describes the thirsty desert and imperial fort, that can sheer you down with the magic of haze in the sand dunes of Jaisalmer. This elegant fort is impressive enough to brush you with the lost memories of Arabian Nights.

Do you know the charming Jaisalmer city has been christened the 'Golden City because of the honey colour transmitted to its stone ramparts by the setting sun.
Jaisalmer's Legendary Tales
According to myth, Lord Krishna, the head of Yadav Clan, foretold Arjuna that a remote descendant of the Yadav Clan would build his kingdom at the top of Trikuta Hills. His divination was fulfilled in 1156 A.D. When the Rawal Jaisal, a descendant of the Yadav Clan and a Bhatti Rajput, abandoned his fort at Lodhruva and founded a new capital Jaisalmer, nestled on the top of Trikuta Hills in Rajasthan.

The descendant of Duda continued to rule over the wise desert kingdom, and in 1541, the Luna Karna of Jaisalmer fought against Humayun, at the time when he passed through Jaisalmer en route to Ajmer, for seeking the blessings of Moin-ud-Din Chisti in Dargah (Sufi City). The relationship between both the dynasty "Jaisalmer rulers and the Mughal Empire" was not always faithful, and various marriages were contracted between the two parties to cement there accords. Later the Jaisalmer came under the confidence of Sabala Simha, who won the patronage of the Muslim Emperor Shah Jahan (governed 1627-58), when he fought with distinction in a campaign at peshawar. Although he was not a legal successor to the throne (Gaddi). But even though, the great Mughal warrior Shah Jahan empowered Sabala Simha with the power to rule Jaisalmer desert. As soon as the Sabala Simha grow in fame , he started annexed areas, which now fall in the geographical boundaries of Bikaner and Jodhpur.

The Falling of the Valor and Pride
In around 13th century "Ala-ud-Din Khilji" the emperor of Delhi, mounted an expedition to Jaisalmer to retrieve treasures, which the Battis had taken from a caravan train en-route to the imperial capital. He laid blockade the Jaisalmer Fort for nearly 9 long years. When the Bhatti Rajputs saw that the defeat was inevitable, it was decided to declare the Jahur act, after which the gallant women of Rajputana started committing self immolation, burning themselves to the flames, while the Rajput warriors donned saffron robes and rode out to certain deaths.

Do you know, the bewitching Jain Temples of Jaisalmer houses a famous Gyan-Bhandar (Library) having a large number of palm-leaf, extremely old manuscripts and astrological charts, which are well preserved inside the underground cell of the temple. There are nearly 1252 icons of important Jain Tirthankars (Followers of Jainism) beautifully carved inside the temple primises.
Explore the Exotica
Over a period of time, Jaisalmer has become a most preferred destination for tourists, there are hordes of visitors, who converge over the desert valley in the season of winters. Jaisamler Fort its grand architectural Havelis, adventurous sand dunes and of course the hue of its golden aroma all cast a spell on its visitors. The tourism boom in Jaisalmer importunes the localities to increase the range of hotels, palaces, safaris and markets for lucrative tourist trade. Today, Jaisalmer has become a home to domestic as well as international tourists, who want to rush out of there busy life's and want to seek some tangible moments in the great sand dunes of Rajasthan Desert.

Getting There
Airways : Jodhpur Airport, 300 km is the nearest airport to Jaisalmer, it has
excellent airbase networks with the major cities of India like Jaipur, Delhi
and Mumbai, from where the tourists can hire taxis or take express deluxe buses to reach Jaisalmer.
Railways : Jaisalmer railway station is well connected to the major cities of India. There are regular trains from Jodhpur, Jaipur, Delhi, Alwar that connects Jaisalmer with in a span of few hours. The tourist can take DEE-JSM Express from Delhi's Sarai Rohilla Station, leaves Delhi around 6 pm and arrives Jaisalmer around 12.45 pm.

Roadways : Jaisalmer is well linked to the national high way No.15, linking Pathankot via Amritsar via Bathinda via Ganganagar via Bikaner via Jaisalmer via Barmer via Samakhiali (near Kandla). Some important distnaces from Jaisalmer are Ajmer ­ 439 km, Jaipur ­ 570 km, Delhi ­ 793 km, Agra ­ 802 km, Mumbai ­ 1140 km.

Local Transport : The most convenient and cheap mode of transportation in Jaisalmer is Rickshaw and Bicycle, but beware of rickshaw drivers at times they can be much demanding, so bargain hard. whereas for good condition bicycle, you can access to Gandhi Chowk, Carpark area outside the Jaisalmer fort.

Attractions of Chivalrous Past !!!
... Jaisalmer Fort     ... Jaisalmer Havelis    
Jaisalmer Fort - The Sonar Quila !!!
Jaisalmer Fort is one of the prime attraction for tourists across the world, it is popularly referred as the Jewel of Desert.
Hot Tour Packages - Heritage Tour with Heritage Hospitality
This mega structure fort is centuries old in the history of Jaisalmer, and is almost surrounded by exotic sand dunes, that offers exciting and unforgettable camel safaris to tourists.
The fort portrays number of amazing attractions that showcase the vibrant and enigmatic royal past of this fascinating city. It is one of the major attractions that is not to be missed, once you reach this golden city.
This splendid and unbeatable fort of 12th century, was built over Trikuta hill, which is 250 ft tall and is surrounded by 30 ft high arenaceous walls. The Fort houses the famous Jain Temple, its a worth visiting place, if you are planning to tour city inside a city "Jaisalmer". more..

The Hawa Pol, opens out into Dussehra Chowk inside the fort premises, which has witnessed at least two Jahurs, committed by the royal women of Jaisalmer, one can still see Sati Hand prints beside the entrance to the Raja Ka Mahal located in the front of Dussehra Chowk.
Jaisalmer Havelis - Architectural Mansion of Merchants !!!
Besides its fort attractions, Jaisalmer is a great treasure trove of carved havelis of wealthy merchants. These impressive havelis were once the residence of the wealthy Jain merchants which are in superior conditions till date. The most engrossing and elaborate haveli is Patwon Ki Haveli. This beautiful haveli has 6 floors, out of which two floors are owned, by the archaeological survey of India, two are converted in the private homes, and the last two apartments include craft shops. Look for original Rajasthani art and crafts in the craft shop, you can shop here for some exclusive artifacts. more..

"Salim Singh Ki Haveli" it is one of the most fascinating haveli ever constructed in the history of Jaisalmer, build in 1815 A. Pay a special attention to beautifully arched roof of the havelis capped with blue cupolas and carved brackets in the form of peacocks. The tourist are allowed to visit the royal residence of Salim Singh daily between 8 am to 6 pm.

"Nathmal Ki Haveli", build in the late 19th century, The front door of the building portrays the great work of art and architecture, it has lavish interiors with antique flooring, number of paintings in miniature style add brilliant colours to the indoors definitely must a visit site.

Sam Sand Dunes The Desert Majasty
Jaisalmer evokes heaven pleasures, it has ageless beauty and unmeasurable desert. This beautiful Sam sand dunes is located in the Thar Desert near Sam Village, nearly falls 42 km from Jaisalmer along a excellent broad road, which is now maintained by Indian Army. Your tour to Jaisalmer will be left untouched without experiencing the Sam village, where the dunes change its position in regular intervals of time, as soon as wind arrives. The most interesting way to explore the desert territory is on a camel back that allows you to glimpse at each and every corner of the desert. The camel safaris are full fledged with decorated items that allow you to get the royal feel in the erstwhile princely state.

The Overnight Charm of Desert
The tourist across the world converges over this settlement to undergo the romantic flavors that floats desert wind. The Sam village provides enchanting atmosphere to tourists, though hordes of travelers spend number of nights watching the mesmerizing beauty of the desert. It is the best place to be here at the time of sunrise and sunset. The Rajasthan tourism and localities offer cooperative environment to tourists, who are new to this place, every year number of completions held to get the real smiles on the faces of tourists, who especially come to visit the tales of Arabian Nights.

Do you know, this bewitching Jain Temple houses a famous Gyan-Bhandar (Library) having a large number of palm-leaf, extremely old manuscripts and astrological charts, which are well preserved inside the underground cell of the temple.
The golden city "Jaisalmer" is one of the most favorable tourist destinations, where you can receive the real camel safaris and Jeep drives, that covers the endless and unknown paths of the sand dunes. Here you can witness the real ridge of sands, that can even height to 70 to 80 feet's. The tourists are welcomed all through the year, to feel the actual charm of royal accommodation, Rajasthani cuisine, dances and to gaze at the factual Rajasthani living. The best time to visit the Sam sand dunes of Jaisalmer is between October to February that makes it the best season for tourists to converge on this immensely popular sight.

Jaisalmer Shopping Arcade !!!
Jaisalmer is famous for Rajasthani handicraft emporium, you can look for best handicrafts just outside the Amar Sager Gate, which sells all sorts of products, from embroidered cushion covers to wooden ornaments. Also visit the Gandhi Chowk outside the Jaisalmer fort, you can also visit the Jain Temple within the fort, where enthralling small shop is located "Light of the East" here you can get crystals, Zealot and rare mineral specimens. Beside, Jaisalmer is far famed for embroidery, rugs, Rajasthani mirror work, blankets, old stone work and antiques. Other items for sale include silver, tie and die woolen shawls, fabrics, cushion covers and the cotton bed sheets, that you can pick from the Khadi Gramyog Bhawan.

The Life and Love of Desert Festival !!!
The arid, isolated desert tracks of Jaisalmer offers stark beauty and a surprising variety of desert life. The giant sand dunes have always been the precious wealth of Jaisalmer, escorted by the howling winds. The picturesque dunes on the full moon day with the contoured shadow of ripples that has always been a favorite subject for photographers and travelers across the world.

The long expected desert festival held in the month of January to February, that hold its beauty for three days, hordes of travelers converge to Jaisalmer specially at the time of festival. This beautiful earsplitting festivals has scores of affairs to display in front of tourists and guest like the famous Gair dance and the traditional fire dance. Other big competitions that are organized by the Rajasthan tourism includes turban tying and Mr. Desert contest that further enhance the fun and add excitement to the festive celebration. No tour to Jaisalmer is compete without experiencing the rich and colourful Rajasthani folk culture that last for few days. Here you can see tall Rajasthani men and beautiful women dressed in their brightly costumes to dance and sing lingering ballads of valor, romance and tragedy. The grand finale is a trip to the sand dunes where one can enjoy the pleasure of a camel ride and at times you can also view the musicians and dancers performing on the dunes. This chromatic festival is every time made successful with the help and support of department of tourism and RSTC.

Do you know Lodhruva Jain Temple - the most visited temple site in the north, is a house of a deadly cobra, well preserved and cared. The cobra is said to be 1.5m long and over 400 years old.
Near by Wandering of Jaisalmer!!!
Lodhruva, 15 km
Lodhruva, 15 km in the north-west of Jaisalmer was once the former capital of Bhatti Rajput Jaisala, before moving down to Jaisalmer in 1156 A.D. Lodhruva is renowned as the most popular pilgrimage grounds of Jains, here you can pay a visit to the famous Jain Temple, which the only reminder of former city grandeur. The temple is adored with the images of important Jain saints. The main attraction inside temples, is the image of Parasnath, the 23rd tirthankar, shaped with the layers of silver and surrounded by fine sculptures. Beside this, as you move inside the temple location, behind the inner sanctum is a 200 year old carved Jaisalmer stone slab, which bears carving of the Tirthankars feet in the miniature. Temple has many figures to pay respects, like a small temple in the extreme right, which is dedicated to Adinath, the first tirthankar. The entry to Jain visitors are wholly free.

Kuldhara - 25km
Another most pleasure trip include Kuldhara, which is an interesting village arena of Paliwal brahmins with skeleton of houses, located about 25 km west of Jaisalmer. This small village has enjoyed famous tales of valor and wealthy living in its bygone days.

The village of Kuldhara does not only posses rich history but even renowned for unfolded camel treks, that are organized during the tourist seasons. If you are seeking a water treasure than do visit the Bada Bagh, that literally means big garden, located around 7 km north of Jaisalmer. Bada Bagh is a fertile oasis with a vast dam. Today hordes of tourists make visit to the dam location for relaxation and water treasures. Here you can receive a exceptional charm while walking through the artificial dam. After taking bathe in the dam you can spend some cherishable moments with your loved ones in the gardens, where royal chhatris are kept with beautifully carved ceilings and equestrian of former ruler. The renowned spots of Lodhruva, Kuldhara and Bada Bagh is easily approachable by express / deluxe buses or you can also hire taxis for more comfort and luxury, there are frequent daily buses that runs in the regular intervals of time from Jaisalmer.

Jaisalmer FortGadi SagarChhatris in Bada Bagh
Fort Rajwada Hotel
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Six acre legacy of royal families 'Fort Rajwada'. This elegant palace hotels still preserve its heritage, whereas the original balconies with intricate carvings and jalis are considered to be 450 years old. The Hotel comprises of 91rooms and 4 Royal Suites, which offers an everlasting memories to come here again and again.

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Hotel Rawal Kot
Hotel Rawal Kot
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Hotel Rawal-Kot is a perfect conglomeration of modern comfort and medieval charm. This grandeur Palace Hotel offers a bird eye views of the 12th century Jaisalmer Fort. Whereas, the catering facilities include all-day eateries to formal, fine dining, thus one can also look for wide range of dishes and refreshing drinks.

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