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Safari through the landscape of the most vibrant state Rajasthan gives tourists numerous options to tilt their adventure bone. Be it the camel safari on desert or the horse safari through rustic terrain or spine-chilling jungle safari, Rajasthan is always ready with its bouquet of treasures.
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Rajasthan Safari - Spine Chilling, Memorable, Daring
Safari in Rajasthan these three words are sure to cause your adrenaline flow faster, even in your imagination. The land of golden sands and imperial heritage
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have hosted a number of successful safari voyages participated by adventure loving tourists coming from different parts of the world. Be it the wilderness of jungle safari or the infinite camel safari, Rajasthan is always ready to woo you with its bouquet of variety. These numerous safari options makes evident that Rajasthan is one of the most savoured destination in the world. Let us put some light on the various safari options in Rajasthan.

Charming Safaris That Allures

Camel Safari
The most popular and obvious safari to explore the bewitching beauty of Rajasthan is the Camel Safari. Known as the 'ship of the desert', the camels will take you to the remotest parts of the Thar desert, where you will find yourself at the threshold of a never explored wonder land. Get down from your camel for once, stand apart and see the serpentine caravan you are in; you will definitely be searching for your camera to catch the moment to stay forever. Sleeping under the twinkling stars with gold like sand all around you gives you the most cherished experience of your life.

Do you know, camel safari has been practiced since ages on the desert dunes of Rajasthan, as earlier there was no other means of transportation and the caravans of royal families used to communicate through camels.
Camel-Cart Safari
Camel Carts are very common mode of transportation in the rural Rajasthan, where a wooden cart is drawn by the camels carrying people and their baggage from one village to another. You may experience the fascinating charm of travelling in this rural vehicle and also mingle with the local villagers while getting lost in the aroma of nature. Sometime on the sand and sometime on the pebbled road, this caravan is going to be an experience that will become a treasure.

Horse Safari
The land of royal dynasties and the Rajputs, the legends of Rajasthan is never complete without the stylish and charming horses. Once, the dignity of the Rajputs were believed to lie in the skill of horse riding. So if you want to divulge the true spirit of Rajput in the land of Rajasthan, no way is better than the horse way. So, enroll for a horse safari tour, which will leave some permanent foot prints in your heart and mind.

Desert safari
It's said, desert beckons people, and he who hears it can't discard the call of the sands. Another way to be engulfed in the alluring beauty of the deserts is on foot. Tour packages are arranged specially in this purpose and tourists are taken to stay in the tents. As the morning sun rises, the voyage on foot is started though the vast waves of the sands. Probably this is the best you to be lost in the God's artistry in the form of sand ripples. Jeep Safari and sand bashing tours are also arranged on the golden sands of Thar that are ready to take you for a truly absorbing experience.

Wildlife Safari
A number of wildlife sanctuaries in the region has made Rajasthan one of the most favoured destinations for wildlife safari. You will love to be part of the enthralling Jeep Safari unfolding the hidden enigma of the greens and the wilds slowly and secretly in the dazzling Ranthambhore and Sariska wildlife national park. Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary takes you for an unusual safari rickshaw safari and you can discover the beautiful lives of colourful birds as quietly as it is desired to be. Special boat ride at the time of monsoon is also arranged in Bharatpur sanctuary.

Safari of Your Choice
The wild nature is calling you to explore the surprises hidden in the laps of mother nature. So, what are you waiting for? Embark to have the most beautiful experience of your life!

Riding Thrill on The Ship of Desert !!!
Rajasthan evokes you the thrilling adventures of a Camel Safari Tours, which takes you through the vast sandy desert.
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The camel, popularly known as the ship of the desert, is not only common in the Thar desert or other parts of royal state Rajasthan, but also the only means of transportation in remote areas of the towns and cities. The safari is organised to take one through the golden sands of the vast Thar desert and untamed countryside, enabling one to experience the days gone by when time drifted at a leisurely pace. The rolling landscape of the sand & shrub covered area is breathtakingly beautiful and the range of flora and fauna surprisingly large for a desert area.

Adventures On The Back of Camel !!!
The most interesting means of exploring the desert in the various parts of Rajasthan is on a camel safari. A number of enticing safaris are organised on the sand dunes of Rajasthan, which gives you a closer view of the remote villages, that survive in the vicinity. Ride through the sandy tracks and pitch your tent, everyday on a new location is none other than a adventurous pioneers for travellers. Spend memorable evenings with the warmth of campfire and with the pomp of folk dance. Once you start exploring the various sights and sounds of desert, which is surprisingly well populated and sprinkled with ruins.

Did you know adult camel consume about 16 kg of fodder in summer, and drink around 30L of water per day, in winter, they drink about 20L per day. In winter a healthy camel can work up to one month without food or water, and in summer up to one week.
You constantly come across tiny fields of millet, girls picking berries or boys herding flocks of sheep or goats. The latter are always fitted with tinkling neck bells and, in the desert silence, it's music to the ears. Camping out at night in the Sam sand dunes, huddling around a tiny fire beneath the stars and listening to the camel drivers yarns can be quite romantic for young travellers. The camel drovers know every pasture, waterhole and village of the region. One can ride or walk along leisurely with the safari and enjoy the desert scape. The camel carts are fully equipped and tourists need not bother about comfort in the desert.

Some Terrific Locations for The Camel Safaris !!!
November to March is the best time to experience mind blowing camel safaris. Even the tourists, who are running with the shortage of time, for them a one day, half jeep or half camel safari will cost minimum around Rs 250 per person. For this you can expect a breakfast of porridge, tea and toast, and lunch and dinner of rice, dhal and chapaties pretty unexciting stuff. Whereas if you are more curious to know the starting points of various enthralling safaris, than start from Jaisalmer, from where most of the camel safaris begins. Jaipur and Jaisalmer camels safaris gives you a chance to search the old caravan routes of the desert.

The beautiful Sam Sand Dunes is located 42 Km away from Jaisalmer, its a popular safari route for travellers.

Lodhruva is another thrilling safari route, located 15 km near to Sam Sand Dunes in Jaisalmer.

Another is Amar Sagar in Jaisalmer, located 5 KM away from the city. Bada Bagh and Chhatris is a awesome place for picnicking and camel safaris, located 7 KM far from Jaisalmer.

Various camel safaris are also organised at Mool Sagar, which is lying 9 KM far from Jaisalmer city.

Other most trilling camel safaris are at Bikaner, lying at a distance of 333 KM from Jaisalmer and the renowned Pushkar Camel Safari is located 246 KM away from Bikaner and 11 km away from Ajmer.

Do You Know
You know long-haired camels with hair in their ears are local camels form the Bikaner district, they are renowned for their strength. The light - coloured camels are from the Jaisalmer district, and are renowned for their speed - up to 22 km/hr. The dark- coloured camels are from Gujarat, female camel are renowned for the their milk, they produce an average of 4L to 6L at each milking.
Camel Safari Attractions
No tour to Jaisalmer is complete without experiencing the Sam Sand Dunes Safaris, which evokes heaven pleasures, located in the heart of Thar Desert. Camel Safari is one of the most interesting way to explore the vast sandy desert, as it gives you a glimpse at each and every corner in the ruins of desert. These camels are decorated with colourful dresses, thus, gives you a royal feel in the erstwhile princely state Rajasthan.

Pushkar is a must visit spot, if you want to sense the euphoric moments, while experiencing the thrilling Camel Safaris. Camels are popularly known as the ship of desert, as it allows a closer view of the remote villages, that survive in the womb of a rich cultural heritage. Its a life time opportunity for tourists to ride over the sand hills and pitch your tent, everyday on a new location is none other than a adventurous pioneers for travellers.

Spend memorable evenings with the warmth of campfire and with the pomp of folk dance in the colourful soil of Bikaner. Once you start exploring the various sights and sounds of desert on the back of camel, is none other than a adventurous trail for millions of curious travellers.

In Jaisalmer, outside the Amar Sagar Gate, where camel safaris are also organised, here the tourist can look for Rajasthani handicrafts emporiums, wooden ornaments and embroidered cushion covers.

Most Preferred Routes
Caravan routes in Thar Desert, If you are seeking a thrilling adventure for your family and friends, that do not miss the opportunity to try out famous caravan routes carried out by the desert camels in the heart of Thar Desert, which offers you life time memories, filled with unmatched adventure.

Jaisalmer is one of the biggest Camel Safari Route, full of adventurous trails,
passing through the old caravan routes, ethnic villages, touching the heart of Thar
Desert, on the back of camel is like a dream come true.
Bikaner, Pushkar, Lodhruva, Sam Sand Dunes, are other safari routes promising some of the most colourful experiences of popular desert treks.

Organised Tour Itinerary
If it is an organised camel safari your all requirements will be taken care off whether it is related to food, lodging or sightseeing itinearary. At Pushkar Fair, tourists can savours the real mouthwatering delicacies of Rajasthan, while making a stay in lavish swiss camp accommodations while on your camel safari tour.

Camel Safari Tips !!!
A tourist must find out regarding the various arrangements provided my the organizers like accommodation facilities, food arrangements, drinks and other essentials facilities, before you plan your trip for camel safaris. As the Camel Safaris are generally arranged in the season of winters, you will require woolens cloths, sleeping bags, blankets, hats, a pair of sun glasses, and winter creams, so as to escape scorching sun. do not forget to carry a first aid kit along with other essentials, which you might needing, while experiencing thrilling safaris.

Horse Safari
Rajasthan - the land of the Rajputs, is known for its kings, fearless warriors and beautiful womens.
Hot Tour Packages - Heritage Tour with Heritage Hospitality
It's also known for its forts, palaces and temples which are a reminder of the glorious past. Kingdoms were carved and established by the Rajputs on horseback, while swords were stained with enemy blood. Horses were highly priced and a Rajput warrior would give anything to own a good horse. Great care was taken to breed horses and to keep a clean and pure lineage. The result of many years of dedication and hard work helped create breeds like Marwari, Kathiawadi and the Sindhi, each having its own distinct characteristics and bred solely for the purpose of war. These horses were noted for their stamina and fierce loyalty to their masters. With these gallant steeds, the Rajputs became famous worldwide. There is an old Saying , " If God didn't create the horse, He wouldn't have created the Rajputs" In Rajasthan, the tourist can today have the pleasure of riding through trails dotted and marked with cenotaphs and tombstones of many brave and valiant Rajput warriors.

Do you know Jodhpurs are baggy-tight aristocratic riding breeches - a fashion standard, usually of pale cream colour quite loose above the knee and tapered from knee to ankle, worn by horse riders all around the world. It is said that Sir Pratap Singh, an expert horseman, designed the breeches for hunting and polo, later on used by maharajas of Rajasthan on their trips abroad.
Marwari Horse
The Marwari horse as it is known now, is closest in appearance and temperament to the breed painstaking perfected by Maharaja Jaswant Singh of Marwar in the 17th Century the Gugh experimenting of breeding locally suited horses by mixing the Arabian blood with the local strands had been closing fairly well even much earlier. The constant pressure from invading armies, maintaining separate horses for different purposes was becoming purposes was becoming a luxurious idea not viable financially and practically. The need was felt for a horse which was hardly, which could negotiate the plains and the hills with equal ease, which was conducive to learning the complex assault movement of the battlefield like stretching upon its hind legs to reach the enemies elephant's head with its forelegs, to facilitate the rider make a lance attack on the person sitting astride the elephant. The total distance between the hind hooves and forelegs required at such times could be far in excess of 12 feet. Thus taking the Arabian horse as the base stock judicious breeding over the years produced the legendary Marwari breed, in whose praise General Tweedie after having spent fifteen years in India mentioned it "as fine a horse as any other in the world." That coming from a seasoned and horse-wise British Cavalry Officer surely has some merit.

The Basic Characteristics of the Marwari Horse May be Generalised as Under
He has a finely chiselled slightly longish, pointed face. Round nostrils are set over similar jawas. Large expressive eyes, pointed ears that turn inwards and meet at the points, that may inwards and meet at the points, that may invariably be overlapping. The ears are slightly larger among the mares. The neck at the poll is fine, powerful and wide where it meets the shoulder. The shoulder is broad. He has good length of rein and depth of girth, medium sized back, long quarters which are rather sloping than level. Its coat is extremely fine. The average height is 15 hand. It has an excellent natural action and carriage of head. It moves with an arched neck, is a natural jumper and a smooth and dandy mover. It takes much shorter time to school than many other breeds. In long distance its endurance is amazing. As opposed to the Arab it is more sure footed and sound in the legs, less vicious in-spite of its character, excitability and fire. In a nutshell it is a bold charger, a showy mount, a dependable companion and a pleasure horse all rolled into one.

The Route
All the routes lie in the state of Rajasthan at its most exotic and colourful. This is the home of the proud Rajputs- warrior clans- who have controlled this land since time immemorial with unsurpassed bravery and chivalry. Theirs romantic sense of pride and honor is still very much alive, as are their local traditions. Routes are selected to provide a wide range of riding conditions, to visit places of special interest, and to take advantage of seasonal factors such as weather conditions and local festivals. Riders may find themselves in jungle scrub, in soft sand, in lush green valley, on a steep hillside, and swimming their horses across a lake- all within the space of few days. Places of interest include important Hindu and Jain temples, royal castles and places, sites of great battles, remote rural villages and wildlife reserves.

Tourists can have the pleasure of being escorted by a English speaking trail guide.

The Camps and Heritage Hotels
The camps provide deluxe tents with beds, comfortable chairs, western style toilets, hot and cold water showers. Also a well equipped kitchen and able staff to take care of all your needs. Every guests are entertained around a campfire with local cultural presentation.

Nights can be also spent in Heritage Hotels now owned by the descendants of those glorious Rajput rulers.

What to Wear ?
Riders are advised to wear boots and a hard hat. Breeches or jeans are comfortable. Evenings are cold and pullovers & jackets are essential. Sun-glasses are required to avoid the glare of the sun

Lady on CamelLady on HorseTourists Enjoying Jeep Safari