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Thar Desert

Great Thar Desert In Rajasthan

Thar, the mysterious creation of the nature, beckons adventure loving tourists from different parts of the world. The alluring vistas of the sand ripples and golden ambience are all enough to drive you crazy in the middle of the Thar desert.
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Gateway to Rippling Sand !!!
The Great Indian Thar Desert, as it is generally known, is a fascinating area for most of the enthusiastic travllers, located in the western foot of Rajasthan in
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India and is extended towards the southern portion of Haryana, Punjab and into the northern region of Gujarat. The great Indian desert, derived Its name from the word Tahl, which literally means the sandy ridges of sand. The Thar ruins evokes inhospitable climate to its endless stretch of swirling sand, with the barrenness of life and vegetation. But some of its part support dynamic Eco-system, flora and fauna featuring a prime source of attraction for million of thirsty travellers in the sand dunes of Rajasthan. The Thar desert covers an area of about 3,126 sq. kilometers beckoning tourists with its magical sand, untouched by the hands of modernity and yet to be discovered.

Did You Know
You know in May 1998 India detonated five nuclear devices in the Pokaran area including a 43 - kiloton device that was almost three times more powerful than the Hiroshima bomb. India also conducted its first nuclear test here in 1974.
Synopsis of Thar Desert !!!
Thar Desert is scattered with number of hillocks, gravel, salt marshes and some antiquity lakes. The chronicles of Thar Desert is a controversial subject and not much clear in the pages of history. According to geologists, it to be 4000 to 10,000 years old, whereas the others nearby state, touching the ageless Thar started in this region much earlier. Another theory most interestingly states that the area turned to desert in the recently centuries. Whereas according to legends this desolated and arid land was believed to have been created by the falling of an arrow fired by Rama, hero of the Ramayana. The arrow was destined for the sea god who inhabited the straits between Indian and Sri Lanka. However, when the Sea God apologised to Rama for opposing his desire to cross the straits, than Rama fired the arrow to the north-west , rendering the whole region as a desolated wasteland. The glorifying soil of Thar has witnessed bloody conflict over the ages, as feudal kings fought both with each other and against external invaders such as the Muslims.

Cities connected to Thar Desert !!!
Jodhpur, Bikaner, Jaisalmer are much popular cities of imperial Rajasthan. All of them are entangled in such a way that, it form an excellent desert circuit with the beauty of sparkling sand. This beautiful desert circle bestowed with the memorable journey through time and wealth of Rajasthan.

Do you know, according to legends when Lord Rama was crossing the strait between India and Sri Lanka, the sea god refused him to give a path, than Lord Rama fired the arrow in the sea, rendering the whole serene water of the sea into a desert.
Organized Tours !!!
There are number of tours, organized to Thar Desert, by the Rajasthan tourism and local tour operators. Depending upon the time and need of travel, the organisers operate several long and short journeys with the camels. These tours can be budget tours or real adventure, luxury oriented depending upon the type of facility avail - meals, refreshments, tents, and the days of journey. There are several organized tour from the neighboring boundaries of Rajasthan's famous cities like Bikaner, Jodhpur and Jaisalmer, which forms an excellent desert circuit with the Great Indian Thar Desert. Once in the soil of Thar Desert, you will be exposed to number of trilling experiences including the best sunrise and sunset views, natural vegetation, bird population, wild animals and the rippling of sand.

Desert Charms !!!
... Agriculture     ... Camel Safari     ... Desert Village Life    

The alluring ripples of the Thar sands seem to never cease beckoning you.
Hot Tour Packages - Heritage Tour with Heritage Hospitality
Be it the camel safari or just staying idly in the desert camp, Thar comes veiled in a new attire every time. A bonfire in the Thar comes more colourful when the local folk artists strike the first melody of marwa and you never know, where you are lost.

Fauna Attractions !!!
The natural vegetation of the Great Indian Thar Desert is a home for number of migratory birds, ferocious animals and plants and almost all of them are adopted to the harsh climate and environmental condition that prevails in the desert. Thar Desert also holds the attraction of a unique wildlife sanctuary for its enthusiastic travellers. One can spot various desert animals like chinkaras, foxes, jackals, wild cats, and nilgais. The desert allow suitable conditions for the survival of number of hazardous species like lizards, gerbils and snakes. The spiny tailed lizards with their prehistoric looks are quite common in the ruins of desert. Among the snakes the saw scaled viper, the large rat snake and sand boa are noteworthy. It is quite common to view these species from a close quarter and possibly stamp over one or find them resting on your raised shoes, don't be scared you are on your adventure trial to Thar, a desert full of surprises.

It is hard to believe that once this desert region was covered by massive forests and huge animals. In 1996 two amateur paleontologists working in the Thar Desert discovered animal fossils, some 300 million years old, including dinosaurs and their ancestors. At Akal Wood Fossil Park, near Jaisalmer, visit the remains of fossilised trees around 185 million years old.
Most of these animals survive the scarcity of water by adopting special mechanism so that life can go on without water. They reduce their physical activity considerably and avoid exposure to hot winds by keeping in shade of shrubs or by burrowing down in the sand. Earth has an admirable insulator against heat and aridity, and an animal burrowing a few centimeters below the surface will comfortably survive the hottest day and coolest night.

Natural Vegetation !!!
Thar Desert and the desert cities like Jaisalmer, Bikaner, Jodhpur and many other town and villages supports a remarkable flora vegetation. The trees, shrubs and herbs have adopted various strategies to endure the intense heat, bitter cold and long dry spells. To reduce the water by evaporation the leaves of these plants are reduced in size, as is the case of khejri (Prosopis cinerara) with relatively few stomata on them. Some species like kair (Cappairs dedicua) and phog (Calligonum polkygonides) do away with the leaves altogether and develop stomata on the green stems, which perform the work of photosynthesis. Whereas, Sevan is one of the hardiest plants to grow in the sand of Thar Desert. This perennial grass stands tall followed by the long periods of drought in hot summers. It is quite amazing to sight these thorny bushes amidst the vast desert dunes or at times the lush green tree standing straight spreading its branches to offer you its most luxurious shadow, the perquisite of the time. more..

Do you know, the ship of desert can drink 30-40 litres of water in a day. But, If they are extremely thirsty, the limit can reach upto 100 litres, which can be drunked in less than 10 minutes by camels.
Camel Safaris !!!
Nothing can be more special for travellers to get prepared for the sheer magic and brilliance of sand in Indian Thar Desert. Camel, popularly known as the ship of desert, is one of the great reminder of the caravan tours across the desert. Here the visitors get an opportunity to choose their own favorite itineraries to experience the best camels safaris. It is a great fun to explore the vast sandy desert on camels safari, which usually covers a distance of 30 to 40 kms in a day.

A tourists must plan a trip in the early hours of morning and evenings, to get the best picture of the desert dunes and should avoid long organised safaris in the season of summers, because it makes the worse time, when the desert seems to be on fire and one can get sunburns. It is good if you wear full clothes covering your whole body, so as to escape the ultra violate rays and do not forget to wear the straw hat, preferably a local turban of Rajasthan and drink lots of water to getaway from heat and dehydration. Whereas the most popular travelled section of camel safaris are Sam Sand Dunes near Jaisalmer while the Shekhawati belt, Bikaner, Jodhpur, Pushkar and Nagaur are not far behind which are the most easy and comfortable desert treks. more..

Sunrise and Sunset Terrace !!!
The scorching sun hued with the blow of howling winds, boundless sands guarding the desert with the background of a colourful sky, has always been a favorite subject of photographers and thirsty travellers. The mornings are as refreshing as evenings in the soil of Thar Desert. Exploring the up and downs of sand dunes is none other than walking on the golden soil of heaven. The desert areas provide alluring sunrise and sunset backdrops, where you can easily set your hearts. These are the ideal moment for photography, when the setting sun turns the entire environ into gold. Later the night in her black silver cloak crowed with silver moon on her head studded with thousand stars entice you and you became disparate to capture some of these magical vistas in your camcorder. Millions of tourists every year make a visit to India, just to experience the glittering sand of Rajasthan desert. We suggest you, minimum to spend two to three days to get better glimpse.

Desert Village Life !!!
Thar desert gives you an opportunity to sojourn to its distinct and rural villages, mostly inhabitant by Hindus, Muslims, and Sikhs. Here tourists will experience the lifestyle of the rural Rajasthani folk, their culture rich in tradition and simple life. Your will be amazed to see how these villagers surpasses the hardships of the desert and live a lively life that is easily depicted in their festive celebrations. Watch the village craftsmanship and their immense passion for music and poetry. more..

Thar DesertChildren on CamelThar DesertEvening on the TharCamel Race at Desert Festival
Manvar Camp (Desert Resort)
Manvar Camp
Desert Camp
Situated between Jaisalmer and Bikaner, Manvar offers luxurious rooms along with all the modern facilities and amenities. This quiet and serene camp resort with 20 tents and separate dining tent is excellent staying option amidst the bewitching beauty of the Thar Desert. The resort also arranges camel safari, jeep safari, village tour, wildlife excursion and folk dances making your sojourn in the Thar even more enjoyable.
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Khimsar Sand Dunes Resort
Khimsar Sand Dunes Resort
Sixteen thatched grass dome huts located just at the edge of of great Thar Desert make the excellent Khimsar Sand Dune Resort offering lavish accommodation facility. The interiors are ethnic and have the rural Rajasthani look with mud-plastered walls and painted with earthen colours. The guest facilities of the resort are – 24 hour room service, car parking, laundry, air conditioned and non air conditioned accommodation, multi cuisine restaurant, indoor recreation, swimming pool and safari.
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